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NDT Circular Electric Connector for Nondestructive test equipment


This product conforms to the GJB101A-98 standard, and refers to the MIL-C-26482 standard, can be cooperated with the pin and receptacle with the same type. This product is coupled by bayonet, can be quick coupled, dependable contact, small volume, good adaptation to environment and so on advantages. They are widely used in the area of aviation.

Products labeled code
1、Circular Connector
2、Serial Design
3、X-ordinary welding, P welding shielding plastic closures, M CRIMPING plastic letters, then burning glass H (sockets)
4、Shell : 08,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24
5、Core : installation of insulation board-ranked No. Kong
6、Plug socket types : T plugs,  Z sockets
7、Contacts categories :  J pin, K jacks, S-inserted through the walls pinhole
Socket installation : 10 square flange 11 circular flange, 14 nut fight tight ,10-2 square flange block cable enclosures
   Plug forms : an earth-compress, two plate clamps, closures SR-3, 4-tensile - wave,       
             5-90 ° elbow, F-waterproof-CRIMPING
The installation of insulation board position : I, II, III, IV, V, which does not write Ⅲ

Product characteristics

conditions of use environment 
Temperature : ~ 55 ° C to 125 ° C
The relative temperature : temperature of 40 ° C ± 2° C standard 90% ~ 95%
Working Pressure : 101.33Kpa ~ 1.33pa
Vibration : vibration frequency of 10Hz ~ 2000HZ, acceleration 196m/s2
Impact : acceleration 980.7 m/s2
Collision : 392 m/s2 acceleration
Insulation resistance : under normal atmospheric conditions not less than 3000M Ω
           Under the conditions of high temperature not less than 500M Ω
           Humid conditions not less than 41 Ω
Resisting strength : AC 500V
Airtightness : General socket less than 6X10 - 2Pal / s
Life expectancy : Plug 500
Implementing standards : Q/321283LSB04-1999 "Y50 series of circular connector --"
The main technical characteristics
Working current(A)
copper alloy
iron alloy
copper alloy
iron alloy
contact resistance


1, 5 Keys system can avoid mis-mating to ensure a correct interpolation.
2, adopt spiral keyway with clamps, which can check the plug and receptacle whether insert a right place by visually and hearing feelings.
3, three clamps installed on the surface of the receptacle (circumferential and even distributing) enter into the corresponding spiral keyways for receptacle connecting ,to the bottom of the keyway, “da” sound of the clamp heard, suggest that plugs in the right place which ensures connector absolutely locking.

Keyways with different angles on the external of the insulation, can be assembled by the producer according to the users’ needs to guarantee the plugs and receptacle with same categories will not be mistakenly inserted. So the same species to the same specifications assembly serial numbers corresponding to the plug and receptacle can be inserted. Different keys assembly corresponding number of plugs and receptacle can not be inserted. The key figure to Angle :
Marking code
5 keyway installation mother I
I bond with the main point

cooperating relations between plugs and sockets 
A, when plug and receptacle couple with each other, if plugs install pins receptacles should install holes, the same to the opposite.
B, plug and receptacle should have to choose a shell with same oil painting on its surface, precedent choosing color is black, army green or nickel plating.
C, appearance quality and operation is same to Y50EX.

Operating manners
1,when the corresponding 2 parts of the connectors connect by within bayonets, rotate bayonet cap to the right direction. When inserting safely, and bayonet in the place of the connecting is locking, a white bayonet pin can be seen through the observation hole on the circle of the connecting bayonet cap.
2, wires of the connector should be corresponding to the contact NO.,  welding time can not exceed three seconds (electric iron shall not exceed 45W).
3, welding-type connector after welding, the plywood or the wire-protecting covering of the electric coat should nip tightly.
4,When 2 parts of the connector have to insert for a long-term (such as storage and use), the safety hole on the connector will be wire linked and nipped tightly with the receptacle.
5, After separation of the two parts of the connectors, the two parts have to cover a dirty-Shield (or to be plugged to a empty receptacle.)
6, no inserting of the pin with receptacle.
7, connector installation, the use of staff should understand performance and usage of the connector.
8,Before un-tightly locking, prohibits using, when there is electric charge, prohibit the separation.

Insulation installed with a Hole-ranked (from the surface to see inserted a pin-hole plate insulation installed spaces)

Applied Technology

NDT Circular Electric Connector for Nondestructive test equipment